The year 2020 came with the hardship for the world we were not the exception. With the lockdowns and spread of epidemic in Pune the visitors and tours were stopped. As the wait for restart was increasing day by day. We took a decision to use this time to work on improving the facilities at Uniquepaths, installed Solar Panel constructed new dining area  and working on new ideas of team building activities .And the inevitable happened Nisarga cyclone change its direction day by day and it traveled from nearby areas. The location of 360 Degree view, the height and vast open area which was strategic benefits for natural beauty was the adversaries that day.Speed of wind was so massive when it stuck on UniquePaths Resort,  roof top of newly constructed dining area flied away, solar panel was damaged heavily all the temporary sheds were destroyed. The most discouraging thing was seeing the damage to the trees and gardens which was so dear and near to us. So the things were not in our favor for some time but we are ready to fight back we will put all our efforts and make this place even more beautiful, comfortable and adorable for visitors.    So these back to back natural and manmade calamities won’t stop us from serving you better in days to come. As we are Destroyed but not Dishearten …… See you soon with full swing at UniquePaths.

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