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School Childrens Trip Camp

Children's Trip Camp

School Childrens Trip Camp at UniquePaths – The new generation is being seduced from the real rural & ecological culture of our nation due to increasing urbanisation. At UniquePaths they can have a chance to understand the Rural India, its challenges, opportunities & essence.

Highlights : 

Aims of our School Childrens Trip Camp :

• Learn how to overcome adversity.
• Enhance personal and social development.
• Develop a deeper relationship with nature.

Here, we look for these important aspects
• Teach outdoor survival skills
• Improve problem-solving skills
• Enhance teamwork
• Develop leadership skills
• Understand natural environments

UniquePaths is a highly sought after destination as its located at an altitude over local hill stations like Lonavala. UniquePaths is also present on various Travel Portals such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb etc or you can call us on +91 7378501000

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