The UniquePaths Team Building program improves effectiveness throughout the induction stage or as a refresher for employees. Participants act freely with one another and learn the importance of operating in a team. Since they ‘learn by doing’, the teachings stick with them for an extended time to come back.This is an effective method to improve team compatibility and strengthen their resolve to cope up with challenges.

Open and frank interaction helps them to position themselves strongly yet bond well with one another. As a result of this Interaction they learn/get a chance to understand everything in respect to business communications.

  • Informal setting relaxes the participants.
  • Employees square measure able to replicate on the values and culture of the organization.
  • Learning stays with them for an extended time.

The Team Building program is hosted at our Camping and Trekking Facility located in the scenic mountains of Hadshi Lake and Pawna Lake. You can book directly by calling us on +91 7378501000 or via