UniquePaths Agro Tourism – Take a tour of the Unique Paths experience of growing, harvesting & processing of grains by farmers and village lifestyle. Know agriculture practices such as ZBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming), Fresh air, Clean water, Drip irrigation, Preparation of Vermi Compost, Use of Desi Cow Dung for various activities, Jivamrut, Bio Gas Slurry, Fruit Plants etc.The Tour ensures that you get a hands on experience working on real farms. UniquePaths ensures that you get your connection with the soil back and in the process also makes your bond with mother earth as special as visiting your own native place. The experience is beyond something that’s offered by commercial tourism industry.

Visitors can also procure Naturally Grown and Pesticide Free Ambemohar Rice, Indrayani Rice, Various Pulses, Wheat, Jowar, Mangoes, Amla, Jamun/Jambul (Black Plum) Karvanda/Karonda (Carissa spinarum), Vegetables etc.

Special Rides on Bullock Carts to experience the rural transport system. UniquePaths ensures that your Agro Tourism experience will enrich your knowledge about our food cycle and why its essential to adopt a chemical free food chain.

There are other places that can be visited to get a comprehensive view of the region – Hadshi and Neighboring Attractions

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