Monsoon is one of the most popular season to be at UniquePaths due to the scenic surroundings which turn completely green during monsoon. There are loads of streams, water falls and fog cover all over the place. Various nature trails can be explored due to the exotic view and cool weather which is a hall mark of the UniquePaths Getaway. UniquePaths also has various events in this season including Mud Crab Hunting Festival, Rice Plantation Festival, etc. Visitors are also treated to some great sumptuous food cooked over Open Wood Fired Chulhas. This is the season for some great Masala Chai, Bhajiyas, Soups, Noodles etc.

Monsoon visits to popular places around uniquepaths such as Hadshi Lake, Tikona Fort, Pawna Lake, Hadshi Temple, Lohgad, Tung Fort, Karla and Bedse Caves etc can be arranged on request with our team.

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