Tikona Fort / Vitandgad

Tikona Fort – Tikona Fort is 3580 feet high and it is part of Giridurg. This fort of Lonavla hill range of Pune district is considered as easy for trekkers.
On the top of Borghat, there are caves on the top like Karle, Bhaje, Bedse, Bhandara and Shelarwadi. The forts built for the protection of these caves are Lohgad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona Fort.
We all know Lohgad and Visapur forts that are visible from Mumbai-Pune road. Let us get acquainted with Tikona Fort alias Vitandgad , located in Pavanmal province on the rear of these forts. As its located behind the fort of Lohgad and Visapur, this fort is not visible directly. Though its easily seen from the present Mumbai Pune Expressway. On the top of Borghat, there are caves on the top like Karle, Bhaje, Bedse, Bhandara and Shelarwadi. The forts built for the protection of these caves are Lohgad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona Fort. Many pathways connecting the ancient ports are in this area and hence these forts have been built to keep an eye on them. Generally, the forts in this area are Buddhist and Hinayana practices, so these forts would have been built between 800 and 1000 AD.

In About 1585AD the Sardar of Nizams Sardar Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah won this fort and made it a part of the Nizams. The story of this fort is not available anywhere in History. In 1657, Shivaji Maharaj joined this fort with the Mahuli, Lohgad, Visapur, Songad, Tala and Karnal forts of Konkan, bringing the whole nizams in konkan under him.This fort is used to keep the observation on the entire Pavna Maval Region. In 1660AD, Netaji Palkar was appointed to secure this region. According to a compromise dated 12th June 1665, on 18th June Kubadkhan took control of this area along with Halal Khan and other leaders. Sambhaji and Akbar met in August 1682.After this meeting, Akbar came to stay at Tikona Fort. However as he did not like the climate at Tikona Fort, he was sent to Jaitapur. In 1818, a small battle was fought on the fort, with a large number of damage to the fort. Even today these damages can be seen on the fort.

Places to see on the fort:
Because of the small size of of the fort, all of the fort can be seen in one hour. After entering the entrance of the fort, turn left to left, after a short walk, there is a water tank and a cave. These Caves can accommodate about 10 to 15 people. It is inappropriate to live in the cave during the rainy season. The way through the cave leads directly to the entrance to the fort. The entrance steps are tiring. On entering inside the door, there are water cisterns on the right and a fortified bastion on the left. A straight path from here to the right goes down, leading to some water tanks. Turn around and walk straight from here. This route takes you to some some broken steps. After going up from here, there is a temple of Lord Mahadev. There is a big water tank behind the temple. After turning around, we reach the flag post. From the top you get a complete panoramic view of Tung, Lohgad, Visapur, Bhatrasi hill, Morshe hill, Jambhuli mountain, Pawana area and Phagne Dam. The entire Maval region comes into view from the fort. It takes approx. 4 hours to ascend, view the compete fort and descend, out of this approx. 1 hour is spent on seeing around the fort.

Approaching the fort:
The best way to get to Tikona Fort via Tikona Peth is by your own Car or Two Wheeler.
Via Mumbai : The main way to reach the fort is through the village of Tikona Peth. To reach Tikona Peth get down at Kamshet station, which is 2 stations from Lonavala. Get on a bus from Kamshet to Kale colony and get off at Kale colony. A bus service or a jeep service is also available from Kamshet to Kale colony. Jeep service is also available from Kale Colony to Tikona Peth. Get this bus or Jeep to Tikona peth village.
Via Pune : Take a Bus from Swargate to reach Javan. Then take a Jeep from Javan to Tikona Peth.

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